What does my packaged order look like?

Variety of Cannabis understands the delicate nature of the product we ship to you. That is why we send all our products in untearable, waterproof, opaque, plastic envelopes for discrete shipment. No company logo or other reference to cannabis, seeds or related subjects can be found on the outside of the packaging. This protects the quality of the product inside and the privacy of our customers. There is no way to open the envelope unnoticed without breaking the seal.

Can the seeds be delivered to my country?

Seeds can be sent to most European Union countries with the exception of Germany and The Netherlands. It is NOT possible to send cannabis seeds to many countries outside the E.U.. We do not send seeds to North American or Asian countries as it is not legal or federal laws prohibit the possession of cannabis seeds. We hope legislation in countries, where it is now illegal to poses or to germinate cannabis seeds, will change soon. When they do we will update our shipping policy accordingly. Variety of Cannabis also advises all customers to read the legal notice and check local jurisprudence before placing orders, to avoid disappointment. You can see a list of countries we send to here. Show Available Countries


Can I see if you have received my order?

Shortly after you have placed an order with us you will receive a confirmation of your order in your mail. If you do not see such a confirmation it could be that your email program has placed it in the spam folder. And if you registered a user-account with us you can log in in your user-account and check the order status.

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

All orders are processed as soon as we receive your payment. Receipt of your payment may take longer depending on which payment method you have selected. Credit card payments are the quickest method. If you have paid by credit card, you can expect your order to be shipped the next working day. A bank transfer will take up to 5 working days to arrive. Please remember to include your order number with the payment so we know what order is linked to what payment. Cash payments will take up to 28 days to arrive. It is important you send your cash payment by registered mail. This helps ensure that your cash payment reaches its destination. Due to the questionable security of sending cash by mail, we strongly advise you to consider the other payment options. Please note that we cannot provide you with information on delivery times as they are subject to varying speeds of local postal services in different countries. Shipping can vary from 2 to 10 days for an order to arrive.

Can I change my delivery Address?

Yes you can change your delivery address when you log in to your user-account but not for shipments that are already being shipped. So please log with the user-account you placed the order with in and check if your order is not already shipped.

Can I cancel my order?

You can only cancel an order if the order hasn’t been shipped yet. To see if it has, you can log in on your user-account and see if it is still possible to cancel your order. If you have not paid for the order the order will be deleted automatically after a short period.

Can I view the status of my current order?

Yes, you can log in to your user-account from which you placed the order and see the details on the order you placed.


What are the shipping costs of my order?

Variety of Cannabis charges a flat rate of € 5,- for regular mail. Alternatively you can choose for Express delivery against additional costs depending on the destination. All orders above € 50,- are free of charge.

What types of payment do you accept?

The following payments are accepted: Bitcoin Bank transfer (Do not forget to include your order number with the payment) Cash (When paying with cash, send only paper money, rounding up if necessary). Use registered mail. We cannot be held responsible for payments lost in transit. Bank transfer to: Bankia (Officina 4201, San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa) VOC Semillas SL IBAN: ES92 2038 4201 6260 0024 6634 BIC: CAHMESMMXXX Sending Cash to (ONLY paper notes of American Dollars, Euros and British Pounds): VOC Semillas SL, P.O.BOX 4, 1600 AA Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

How do I pay with cash money?

Paying with cash money is a possibility but VOC Semillas SL does not accept any responsibility for the save arrival of money in an envelope. We recommend the more safe possibilities of paying via bank transfer or Bitcoin or other crypto currency. When you do send money in an envelope, do not send coins but round it up to whole banknotes. Only banknotes of EURO, US DOLLAR AND ENGLISH POUND are allowed. We will send extra seeds to compensate for the difference. Conceal the banknotes in-between two sheets of paper to prevent see-through of the money. Do not forget to include a copy of your order confirmation with order-number so we can connect the order to the payment. Send the envelope to the following address; VOC Semillas SL P.O.BOX 4 1600 AA Enkhuizen The Netherlands

How does my purchase show up on my bank-statement?

Your purchase will be displayed on your statement as a VOC Semillas SL purchase with no indications or reference to cannabis.

Did you receive my payment?

When you have paid for the order you will receive a confirmation email confirming the order will be processed. The status of your payment is shown when you log in to your user-account.

How safe/secure are the different payment-options?

Payments will be processed via a secure SSL connection and intelligent 3DSecure authentication. Nu user data of the payment is stored on our website. Bitcoin payment is also secure and discrete but takes a bit more time. Bank transfer is secure but slower than credit card payment. Sending cash is the least secure and fast method but discrete. (NOT recommended)


How can store my seeds?

If you are not going to germinate your seeds right after you purchased them the best way to store your cannabis seeds is in a cool (± 4 o C), dry and dark place. The conditions in which seeds will germinate are warm and humid surroundings. So you want to avoid those conditions.

How do I germinate cannabis seeds?

First we want to make clear that germination of cannabis seeds is not legal in all countries. Please inquire if germination of cannabis seeds is legal in your country before doing so. Cannabis seeds require three things to germinate: water, heat, and air. Because of this, there are many methods to germinate your seeds. The most common and simplest method involves the use of paper towels saturated in water. For this type of germination you need: - Two plates - Paper towels - Cannabis seeds • Prepare four sheets of paper towels and soak them with mineral quality water. Make sure that no water is stagnant and only the kitchen paper is homogeneously humid • Take two of the paper towels and place them on the plate. Then, place the cannabis seeds at least an inch apart from each other and cover them with the remaining two sheets of water-soaked paper towels. • Place the second plate on top of the first plate creating a sort of dome which ensures a stable environment with the right humidity, light and temperature. Open at least twice a day to regenerate the oxygen, control temperature, humidity and to control the state of the seeds. • While germinating the seeds need to be in a warm environment of ± 21-25ºC • When the seeds start opening after 24-48 hours and they have a root of approximately 1 cm length they can be introduced to the grow-medium very carefully making sure the root is pointing downwards.

Will all cannabis seeds germinate?

Variety of Cannabis understands that the number of seeds that germinate from the purchased order is very important to our customers. Germination rates are tested from each batch in our seed lines. Germination rates need to be 90 to 100% under optimal germination conditions. Batches that do not meet these criteria will not be sold to our customers. However, we cannot guarantee germination rates on our seeds as they are living material and we cannot control the germination methods used by our customers. When the proper germination method is used 90% to 100% of the seeds should germinate. When customers experience disappointing germination rates and the right method is used we request our customers to contact our customer service.

Will half of my regular seeds be female?

No the ratio male/female will be more like 65%:35% but for planning it is wise to assume that half of the germinated seeds are male. If there is no need for the male plants to continue growing and to prevent the male plants from pollinating the females, the male plants need to be removed.

How do I recognize male and female plants?

If you buy regular seeds and just interested in the female flowers of the cannabis plant the male specimens need to be removed before they can pollinate the female plants and thus don’t produce seeds. You need to check every plant to determine if it is male or female, as one rogue male can wreck your harvest. Cannabis plants, male and female, will be identical in the first 6 weeks of life. It is only after they've begun developing their sex organs later on that you'll be able to differentiate them. After 6 weeks check the joints on the stalk for male flowers. The little balls that grow on the joints of the stalk (where the other branches meet the main stalk) are the main indicators of male plants. These flowers release pollen and need to be removed for a better crop. Female plants will have these bulbs too, but will also have long, translucent hairs on them. If you only see 1-2 on a plant, wait and see if more develop before cutting them. The male plants need to be separated from the female plants.

What is a pure strain?

A pure strain is a native variety coming from a very concrete geographical area. Thus, they show some of their own typical and stable characteristics after many generations of being adapted into these concrete climate conditions. This makes the pure variety to be unique and distinguishable from the rest of the varieties. Pure strains can be wild-grown or they can be the fruit of centenary domestication relationships with the human being. In any case, these pure varieties have an incalculable genetic value for their preservation. In fact, they are unfortunately rapidly disappearing but they are the basis for the development of all commercial existing varieties. They are mostly indicated to hybridize because the features of the pure varieties are more homozygote and stable, so that the hybrids produced have a more predictable behaviour.

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid is a crossing of two or more pure varieties, whether stabilized or not. Several varieties are crossed in order to obtain a more vigorous hybrid than the original genetics, trying to combine the best characteristics of each pure variety and reducing to a minimum the negative characteristics of each one. This is the reason why the hybrids are more productive, powerful, adaptable and easy to grow than the pure varieties from which they are developed. However, their genotype is more unstable when crossing seeds in breeding projects.

What is a semi-stabilized hybrid?

It is a hybrid where the stabilization breeding is still in a development stage. Therefore, some variability could still be found regarding the typical characteristics of the strain.

What is a stabilized hybrid?

This hybrid is the result of crossing other pure varieties or stabilized varieties. It offers whole stable and recognizable characteristics that, generation by generation, make it almost behave as a pure native variety.