If you love Cannabis, you will notice that you see, hear or read this word more and more often. So, if you are reading this story and still belong to the many blissful ignorant, you will probably wonder by now: “what the heck are they”, “where do they come from” and “what’s their function?” Well, read on and you will find out.

Terpenes are chemical compounds, existing in the aromatic oils that the plant produces. First, they are responsible for the whole palette of tastes and aromatic scents that we all love so much. Secondly, Terpenes play an important role in the unique effects of Cannabis as well!

They are produced in the same glands that also produce THC and CBD and they have been underestimated until recently. For a long time, everyone involved mainly focused on the worlds of THC and CBD and were at the same time not really interested in this area. This means that the knowledge of Terpenes and their functions has only just started to grow.

Originally, in nature, Terpenes in general have the function of helping plants to defend themselves against potential enemies, while on the other hand they do attract the right insects that are necessary for pollination. But of course we are mainly interested in the enjoyable functions mentioned earlier.

At this moment, about a hundred different Terpenes have been discovered in Cannabis. Each plant-species has its own, unique types. And, mind you, some specific sorts of plants can for instance contain the same amount of THC and CBD, whereas their mutual effects differ, thanks to the Terpenes. Like varieties of wines, things like climate, soil, and circumstances in general also make big differences here.

Tests show that Terpenes are synergistic with cannabinoids like THC! THC connects with the receptors that make the psychoactive effects of Cannabis possible. Terpenes can activate those receptors and influence the amount of THC that can travel to the neurotransmitters in the brain. The coming time, this whole process will thoroughly be investigated.

Terpenes can also be matched with family members from the “outside world”. Amusing is the widespread story of how eating a Mango half an hour before smoking a joint can dramatically increase the effects of THC. Cause: Myrcene, a Terpene present in most types of Cannabis as well as in Mango (and in several other fruits.) When related to THC, it seems to have a relaxing, soothing and painkilling effect. Other important Terpenes in Cannabis are: Limonene, with its strong citrus scent, which is said to increase concentration and to be beneficial for our sexual health. And then there is Linalool with its flowery scent. Also relaxing and it is used for treatment of edginess and fear. Also, its effectiveness in the treatment of specific types of cancer is being investigated. And as said, there are at least 97 more!

terpenes in cannabis

The most common terpenes found in Cannabis.

These days a positive shiver is going through many interested hearts now that investigations have feverishly started to see if some reason can be found in the tangle of possible combinations of Terpenes. At this moment our knowledge of the effects of Cannabis comes from vision, smell and scent and then we make some sort of estimation. Only after we have used the stuff we can see whether our predictions were accurate or not. Imagine that you needn’t predict-, but that you know what the effects of a product will be, just because you know the amount and combination of certain Terpenes. With the growing knowledge of the matter this will eventually be made possible. It also offers new possibilities for growers and producers of seeds as well as for medical investigation.

Finally, (smile) Cannabis Terpenes can also be combined with the ones from beautiful wines and magnificent dishes. Here exploding studies are going on as well. Very interesting! There is another world to discover!