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There is a lot of knowledge about the cannabis plant. There are lots of articles on the internet and there are books. But what better way to learn about the behaviour and traits of cannabis than from fellow cannabis-lovers from around the world. So please share your enthusiasm and knowledge with us and read about the experiences other people have with our varieties.

Write a review

Tell us and other customers about your experiences with our cannabis products.

Points of interest usually are;
- what variety of cannabis was used (feminized, regular or auto flowering)
- what germination method used and how succesful
- growing indoor (growth cycle) or outdoor (what climate)
- which grow medium is used (soil, hydroponics, Rockwool etc.)
- what nutrients are added
- what was total flowering time
- what was the yield per plant

Add photo's

We can talk cannabis all day but sometimes a photo says more. So please take some pictures of your plants and share them with us. We will award the nicest photo-uploads with a discount on new purchases in our web shop.

Some tips for good photographs are;
- Clear the background
- Keep the camera as still as possible
- Use flash when taking bud photo's
- Take photographs from different angles
- Use macro mode for close-ups
- Adjust white balance on camera for non-yellow pictures
- Shoot in "raw" format to have more light and color control afterwards

To add a review and/or photo's please go to te webpage of the product you wish to write a review on. Go to the reviews tab where you can write your review and upload photo's.

Thank you and good luck!

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