CBD-rich varieties

Why CBD-rich cannabis varieties?

There are two main reasons why CBD strains are so suitable for consuming sustainably:

CBD is an antagonist of THC

It diminishes the psychoactive effects and side effects of THC. Consequently, the psychoactive effect turns less intense and the typical side effects of cannabis use such as dry mouth, rapid heart rate or anxiety are alleviated or even suppressed.

CBD has many therapeutic properties

The therapeutic benefits of CBD can help deal with convulsions, anxiety, insomnia, vomiting, muscle tension, mental disorders, inflammations or pain, among others.

Therefore, breeders worldwide are working on genetics that incorporate higher levels of CBD. Coming up with varieties that contain equal levels of THC and CBD and even varieties that have predominantly high levels of CBD and no THC. And of course Variety Of Cannabis delivers on the overwhelming demand for these new CBD-rich varieties. After long research and development, CBD-rich versions of two of our most favourite varieties were created to accompany our CBD-infused oils.

Our experience, our instinct and the most technologically advanced techniques have allowed us to work with cannabinoids never seen before and to consequently obtain unique cannabis seeds aimed at 21st-century users.

A long breeding process, backed by science and instinct, has made our project possible and now we can present a whole new line of cannabis with high CBD content, but with the so-coveted original traits intact. It is a major step forward in the field of cannabinoids, marking a significant achievement that allows all users to enjoy this new kind of seed.

We are proud to present to you: Blue Dream and Green Cush, both award-winning strains are now converted to a CBD family. The result is nothing short of spectacular with the Blue Dream CBD boasting a 10% THC and 10% CBD and the Green Cush CBD containing a 12% CBD and 6% THC

Green Cush CBD

An elite hybrid that beats the rest; an outstanding strain worth belonging to the new generation of therapeutic cannabis. Loads of resin, intense flavor and moderate effect. We cannot ask for more!

Blue Dream CBD

The iconic Californian cannabis strain showcases all the benefits of CBD but still keeps the best traits of the original line intact. A unique combination that results in huge terminal colas overflowing with resin and color. Complex flavors and moderate effects complete this awesome jewel. An authentic luxury accessible to all!

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