Vaporizing cannabis

Whether it is because of medical reason or just for pleasure, there are generally speaking three different ways to consume cannabis when you want its active ingredients to work. You can smoke, eat, or vaporize it.

Smoking is always mentioned first, which is obvious because it delivers what most people have wished throughout the centuries: a direct effect. But the times are rapidly changing. Smoking as such is increasingly looked upon as something extremely unhealthy and is socially speaking not done anymore. This means that also the joint will eventually and inevitably become a relic of the past. At the same time in the last decennia there has been the explosive growth of people vaporizing cannabis. And this is no surprise because there are many good reasons to do so. We will discuss them here. 

What is vaporization? It is a method of activating raw plant material or extract without combustion. So you don’t burn the stuff, but you heat it instead. From 157- up to 226 degrees C. After that you inhale vapor, not smoke. Great advantage of this is that the presence of tar and other carcinogenic substances become negligible. The vapor has hardly any carbon monoxide, while benzene, toluene and naphthalene are completely absent. 

When you smoke cannabis, 88% of what you inhale are non-cannabinoids. These are all more or less poisonous. Only a fraction of this smoke brings you the THC, CBD and terpenes you love so much. By burning cannabis you sadly destroy many of these beautiful compounds. Next to that you produce a number of harmful substances. Defenitely a dead end street for smoking! 

When you vape, you are not affected by all this. All cannabinoids and terpenes remain intact and the vapor has a compound concentration up to 95%. What remains are non-toxic oils. This all makes vaping not only better for your lungs, but also for your whole body and general well-being. Besides that the effect is said to be stronger and vaping as such seems to be 30 -40% more effective than smoking because you make full use of the material. Nothing will be lost. Taste and scent stay pure. There is hardly any odour and you save money. Little bummer can be that you have to thoroughly clean your device every once in a while . But then, better your device than your lungs! 

Although medicine has been vaporized for centuries, doing the same with Cannabis only officially exists since 1994 when a company in Canada produced their first 10 vaporizer prototypes. The following year they could show their models in the Vancouver Sun. From that moment on the vapors have gone through many stages and have innovated a lot. When in the earlier days people experimented with wrecky homemade constructions, nowadays the quality and the effects have improved immensely. And we have a wide range of different devices to choose from. From stationary desktop models to portable ones in all kinds of beautiful shapes. You can choose between conduction or convection types. Conduction vaporizers are generally less expensive and easier to maintain. 

The vapor is released as a result of the low heat from the heating element. Convection vaporizers however push hot air from the heating element through the herb, releasing vapor without direct contact. These devices are more expensive, but are also considered to be more effective in releasing cannabinoids and other compounds. There are digital ones that have a chip which takes care of the exact temperature so that nothing gets spilled. Many are electric and use batteries that can produce up to 100 hits before recharging is necessary. Stationary units like for instance the Volcano and the Herbalizer are great plug-in vaporizers for home use, but are not portable enough for on-the-go vaping. And if you don’t want to depend on electricity, there are also very discrete flame vaporizers. Furthermore there is a growing popularity for different types of vape pens. Some contain a concentrated oil that heats up just enough to create a thin hazy vapor. These handy little things are reasonably cheap and ideal for those wanting a few puffs throughout the day without being noticed. However if you prefer using dried herb you could use devices like the Firefly 2, a small digital convection vapor, controlled by smartphone. Or the Pax. Also looking stylish and great. Both quite expensive though, around 150 Euros. Although you eventually save money because of efficiency. But there are many more. Use internet and you will find them. You will see that the portable devices have become smaller and smaller. Producers make good use of the developments around the E- cigarette, which has become a common phenomenon in the streets. A little puff in between can be any puff now. And which type suits you best strongly depends on your personal preference. You will just have to find out. 

vaporizing vs smoking

And then there is the company Dosist (previously HMBLDT). It recently opened its second store in one of the more fashionable streets of Los Angeles. The company is “a modern wellness company empowering people to naturally manage their health and happiness” and is specialized in vapors that contain such a specific combination of cannabinoids en terpenes that they can guarantee a certain effect, like Bliss, Sleep, Calm, Relief, Arouse and Passion. Again these are delivered in small, discrete dose-pens. With this device you inhale a controlled amount of the desired cannabis-compounds. 2,25 mg to be exact. The Calm dose-pen is for instance high in CBD, supplemented by the terpenes Limonene, Mycrene and Pinene. And it is very low in THC, this contrary to the Bliss dose-pen, which contains a high level of this cannabinoid, supplemented by the terpenes Terpinolene and B-caryophyllene. You pay 100 dollars for a pen that contains 200 doses. 

Do you remember the earlier mentioned studies to come to a product in which cannabinoids like THC and CBD and terpenes work together in such a way that the nature of the effect can be determinated in advance? Well, they are lying in front of us! Dosist has grasped the opportunities to be the first company to produce them. And this is only the beginning. The future is now! 


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