People get sexually excited from a variety of different things: character traits, looks, feelings, scent, safety and many more. And of course again in all kinds of combinations. Adding cannabis to that can hardly produce a clear picture, but still some main lines do pop up when we take a closer look. We even meet some old acquaintances! Does cannabis have any influence on the way we sexually feel and act? Let’s try and find out.

To start with you might want to determine the nature of your product, so that its qualities can be more specifically used if you want to have sex in combination with cannabis. According to the experts, if you are aiming at slow, passionate and loving sex you should try products with a high CBD level. This will make you feel cuddly, easy and open. For wild and more explosive sex, a high level of THC is supposed to do the trick, supplemented by the terpenes Pinene and Limonene. Ha, we still know them! Pinene, with its pine tree odour, helps to feel more alert. Limonene with its strong citrusy scent is said to reduce stress.

hmbldt by DosistAt this moment there are only a few cannabis products on the market that are especially developed for sex. One of them is cannabis-lubricant Floria which is widely and strongly appreciated and recommended. Next to that the company Dosist, formerly known as HMBLDT, produces pen-vapors with all kinds of preferable functions. There is one for calm, one for sleep, for relief, but especially de pen with Passion is becoming a real hype. HMBLDT! Very interesting! “The first complete cannabis solution”.

We will come back to that later.

Now look at this, a massive American investigation from 2017, you could almost call it scientific, has tried to figure out to what extent cannabis influences our sexuality. All together 28.000 women and 23.000 men were interviewed. Investigators looked at the amount of sex they were having as well as the amount (and frequency) of cannabis that they were using. The conclusions were stunning. Both men and women cannabis users were 20% more sexually active than the non-users. Moreover this specific study showed that the more cannabis was being consumed, the more sex people had, although many people will probably find this hard to believe.

The influence of cannabis on sex not only applies for humans. Funny thing is that pigeon fanciers give hennepseeds to the males to make them horny, so that they will fly back to their females more rapidly. (And yes they are monogamous! )

Then we meet some old acquaintances: Phase A and phase B. (See former blog) Phase A is for the occasional user who is able to enjoy cannabis very much, but who has to beware of total despair because of loss of control. After having survived some preliminary stages, inhibitions and obstacles might disappear and the sex can become very intense, in tenderness as well as in power. Scents and odours can be exchanged in multiple layers. Touches can be experienced as merging and profound. A light touch can lead to a complete meltdown of bodies. The cosmos is very present and can help to lead to a heavenly orgasm after having wandered around in divine timelessness. During phase A there is actually no control. The rhythm is determined by the fuck itself, the circumstances and by nature. Drawback is that during phase A the nerves can race from head to foot in such a magnified way that the woman for instance can burst into tears for apparently no reason at all. Or something undefined causes her to clam up, while the man is at the same time helplessly and desperately wondering what has happened to his erection, or why he has ejaculated within three seconds. What is left after that is little more than a feeling of guilt while apologizing extensively. Not a good start for a splendid evening!

And then there is phase B, in which the regular user can have the idea that everything is under control and in which the focus can be aimed with accurate precision. Like with music the interplay can be intensified. Actions are deliberately being performed. You send yourself into the sexual experience with trust. No uncertainties. You know what you want, you know what the other wants. You control the rhythm of what is happening and if and when you and your partner will have an orgasm. Even the cosmos seems to be cooperative and is at your command. Drawback of phase B: Strike while the iron is hot, because if you wait a little too long the desire may completely disappear, even in such a way that the one who leaves the bathroom last has a good chance to find the beloved partner back in monotonous snoring.

So, after reading this we may conclude that using cannabis indeed has influence on our sexuality. And to the ones who would like to find out for themselves and for the ones who enjoy it, please do or continue to do so. Sex is fun and cannabis is fun and yes they can be combined. But then at the same time you may wonder: why should you.