On the one hand Cannabis can subdue nasty and disturbing underlying layers. But then sometimes it doesn’t. It can also deepen and increase the present discomfort. It can emphasize it. This can lead to great anxiety and confusion and is therefore very treacherous. Even psychosis can occur. But Cannabis can also produce a warm ray of sunshine that guides you on your way. A relaxing boost. A good friend you can rely on.

It’s the art of recognizing and judging what the effect on which moment will be. When you are in an agitated state, or maybe haven’t used Cannabis for sometime, then it may happen that you’ll find yourself back in a universe of contradicting forces. Panic might lurk and the reason for your presence had better not be too important because you are doomed to fail or at least you think you will. After a sleepless night you will probably realize that it all might havebeen worse but that you shouldn’t do a thing like this again. In these circumstances, alone or together, save the Cannabis for a more relaxing andfamiliar environment. For later use, let’s call this Phase A.

As a counterweight, when you use Cannabis regularly you will reach a sort of level that can help you to deliver a balance in living and acting: Phase B. It can provide a very controlled focus on what must be done. In some circles this will be equalized with addiction, which is basically not true, because when necessary one can stop without too many difficulties. That waterfall looks impenetrable but contains in fact only a thin curtain of water. However, Cannabismakes you easily fall back into old habits, just because it’s so nice! Phase B has a dark side-effect. It maintains a possible amorphous attitude because of which everything stays fusty, dull and boring and where you cannot put one leg in front of the other. Here is the motto: think, solve something and start doing something useful, so that the nice side of Cannabis has the chance to show itself again. And then, added to this, there is the sensitivity of taste, texture, growing circumstances, burnability, and many more. A world of varieties that stimulates an interesting quest to the richness, the pitfalls and the possibilities of Cannabis, in various settings. Coming months, you will find some of these settings highlighted and discussed here.

Effects of cannabis on music

It is very interesting to watch what Cannabis does with the human brain in relation to music.
Also, here the earlier mentioned regularities count. For listening to music as well as for performing. While listening to music, a universe of stars and twinkles might arouse duringphase A. Every detail is more than carefully perceived. With closed eyes the images and colors will follow. Things can become overwhelming and other physical side effects may occur. Known are “the elephant on the chest”, a band around the head, dizziness and sickness sometimes leading to vomiting or other mischief. Especially when Cannabis is used together with other mind influencing products like alcohol.

Being carried away in languor and floating around is something more related to phase B.

Phase A can instantly crush a performer’s self-confidence. Everything is magnified: the audience, the lights, the music. Your fingers on your strings! The lyrics you have to sing! Everything is a potential pitfall to drag you into the fear of complete amnesia. I remember the bass player taking some casual puffs between set one and two, a thing he normally never did. During the complete second set he was in a pale and almost transparent state of half-existence. With glassy eyes he dragged himself through his thing. He was more or less gone, meanwhile fighting his deep struggle, while the audience was hardly aware of anything. I have seen the same thing happening with a free jazz ensemble. The band was devilishly good in the first set. They succeeded in taking their energy to the crowd with all kinds of individual delights. “If you could arrange some Cannabis, that would be really wonderful”, the guitar player said during thebreak. Afterwards I regretted having brought them some, for the second set was a disappointment. The energy went the wrong way. Inwards.

However, during phase B the musician can produce the right intention and complete focus within the areas where he or she gets spiritual material from. The right doors are deliberately being opened and the musician uses what comes out, at the same time in constant balance with the other playing fellow musicians. This, combined with the wish and the basic urge to bring the music to the audience results in a sort of conflux, a cluster of several powers that complement one another into one single coherent direction. In this way Cannabis is fully and well used in the areas of performing.

Result: Cannabis can make you perform poorly, but it can also help you in delivering an outstanding achievement!

And then there is the effect of Cannabis on composing music.
Apart from artisanal produced songs, which is always a way of dealing with the matter, producing original music is basically a mechanism put into motion inside a framework. This process of producing is a matter of pushing and defying thatmechanism. Most of the things you “invent” will eventually not be used. The right hunches are not invented, but they come over you during that process. You just pick them up. When necessary you mold them later to an appropriate result.

It’s not easy to identify the influence of Cannabis in this area, but for the opening of the necessary doors it will of course have a positive influence.