Let’s make the world green again!

Our mission statement

Despite of or maybe because of the many beneficial traits of the cannabis plant for industrial, medicinal and recreational uses, it has been banned and criminalized worldwide at the beginning of last century. Luckily recreational use of the plant never stopped and a few Cannabis enthusiasts never stopped preserving and enhancing the cannabis genetics. Because of studies and insights at the beginning of this century general acceptation and appreciation has shifted to a more favourable political climate for the cannabis plant. In Canada where medicinal and recreational use of cannabis is now legalized takes a leading role in the acceptance and decriminalizing of cannabis. Thanks to research and seed breeding of people in The Netherlands, California, Spain and Israel we can still enjoy the beneficial traits of this miraculous plant today. In our line-up of seeds you will find the best genetics from all over the world with their unique characteristics. Variety of Cannabis will continue to promote, educate spread, preserve and enhance Cannabis genetics.

Mission statement; Make The World Green Again!